Our Services

Onsite Machining
  • Complete in-situ machining solutions provider in line-boring, flange facing, track milling and machinery skid mounting levelling, with 3D laser alignment check and dimensional survey.
Caisson Turret

On-site Machining of Turret Shaft and Caisson.

Crane Boom

Line Boring of Crane Boom.


On-site Milling of 42m Cantilever Skidding Beam

Travelling Track

On-Site Milling of Travelling Track Total 35 meter run.

Crane Pedestal

Facing of Crane Pedestal Top Flange .Diameter 6.5 Meter, with Laser Alignment Inspection.

Travelling Cradle Travelling Cradle

Milling and boring of traveling cradle.

Crane Pedestal

On-site Machining of Crane Pedestal

Total Station

Laser alignment using Total Station