About Us

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Lam Heng Group of Companies has been in the marine and offshore engineering business for almost 45 years.Our business has been growing steadily since incorporation.

We had established a track record in engineering services focused on offering fair and competitive prices, with high quality service and packaged with pragmatic solution.

With the experience and knowledge accumulated from serving a diverse range of engineering industries which include marine and offshore, petro-chemical, process plant construction, quarry and mining, semi-conductor and pharmaceutical, we are now position our collective strengths and facilities to serve those industries with prerequisite condition for heavy, time-demanding and stringent specification as in the Marine, Offshore, Dredging, and Plant Engineering Industry.

The focus of Lam Heng Group is on the niche of the engineering services markets that requires competent project management knowledge, special skills and hands-on experience with positive attitude to handle sophisticated machinery and equipment fabrication and assemble, on- site installation and commissioning project.

Our Members Company

  • Lam Heng Marine Pte Ltd
  • Lam Heng Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Lam Heng Marine Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Lam Heng Marine(Nantong) Pte Ltd (China)
  • LHM Europe hydraulic & Engineering B.V. (The Netherlands)

Our Vision

Be a strategic partner to our customers in the marine, oil & gas and plant engineering industry by providing and delivery of pragmatic engineering solutions for on-time completion with competitive price and safety commitment.

Our Mission

Customers : We are committed to provide total quality service with respect to product and service quality, customer support and value-added service.

Employees : We are committed to focus on our peoples’ skills and career development to meet the challenges of technological demands in the knowledge-based economy.

Suppliers : We are committed to collaborate and integrate with our suppliers as our partners in providing quality-engineering services by maintaining the highest level of integrity, direct and effective communication.

Shareholders : We are committed to generate economic value to our shareholders through organic and sustainable growth for their prudent investment.