Our Partners


Service Collaboration with STORK Gears from Netherland

With both sharing the hallmark of down-time fighter in the market, our strategic partnership in service collaboration will enhance the capability of optimal service time with reliable quality for STORK Gears & Service in the South-East Asia and East Asia region

Lam Heng Group are able to support STORK in term of fully and comprehensively equipped engineering workshop facilities, competent and dedicated tradesmen and supporting crews for workshop and field services, as well as the experience and engineering know-how to work seamlessly with all parties involved, to ensure a total satisfied customers's experience

We have customers in the following market segments:
  • Storage and transshipment companies:
    • Hoisting and closing work gearboxes
    • Stacker/Reclaimer gearboxes
    • Conveyor belt drives
    • Ship to Shore crane gearboxes
    • RTG crane gearboxes
  • Petrochemical Industry/Offshore:
    • Extruder drives
    • Mixers/Agitators
    • Blower
    • Compressor drives
    • Generator drives
    • Fifi gearboxes
    • Picture
  • Shipping
    • Forward propulsion gearboxes
    • Generator drives
    • Sandpump gearboxes
    • Winches
    • Bow propellers
    • Azimuth thrusters
    • Picture
  • FPSO / Jackup barge:
    • Topside generator gearboxes
    • (Turbo) Compressor gearboxes
    • Ballast and loading pump gearboxes
    • Azimuth thruster gearboxes
    • Jackup gearboxes
    • Stork
  • Steel Industry
    • Roller work drives
    • Hoisting winch drives
    • Loading crane drives
    • Tipping chair drives
    • Edge and crest roller gearboxes

  • Energy Companies
    • Wind turbines
    • Coal mills
    • Hydro electric stations
    • Total power stations
    • Exhaust gas cleaning installation
    • Boiler feed water pump drive